Inpatient Care

Patients are cared for and monitored closely by our experienced and empathetic nursing staff and physicians.

Additional inpatient benefits include:

  • Around-the-clock compassionate care
  • Low nurse-to-patient ratios (as low as 1: 1)
  • Comfortable waiting area for family and visitors
  • 24-hour family visitation

Although most of our emergency patients are treated and released the same day, some patients may require an overnight stay for observation or ongoing critical care. With a state-of-the-art facility with comfortable rooms and excellent around-the-clock care, The Hospitals of Providence are well equipped to offer quality inpatient services. Or, if additional care is needed at another facility, we’ll ensure a smooth transfer to the appropriate specialty hospital.

We also pride ourselves on providing swift and comprehensive information to your primary care physician, becoming an extension of his or her team in your ongoing care.